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Panel AC

Panel AC

Maximum problem occur when such electronic cabinet are placed in hot, dirty & humid area, panel cooler save and protect the costly electronic cabinet against heat.
Detailed Description

Dust and humidity and assure fault free operation of your costly parts of electronic cabinet. 


It works on Simple Vapour Compression Refrigeration Cycle.  The hermetically sealed compressor compresses the refrigerant to a higher temperature and pressure. A Fin and tube type condenser extract heat from the refrigerant with the help of ambient air and liquefies it. The liquid refrigerant then passes through a drier/filter to an expansion device i.e. a capillary tube. The capillary tube reduces the pressure of refrigerant and injects it into the evaporator. The refrigerant in the evaporator evaporates by absorbing heat from the hot air inside the electronic panel. To enable this operation with high Co-efficient of Performance we have provided two separate air circulation inside the Panel cooler for condensing air and cooling air. The clean air within the control panel is continuously cooled by refrigeration system and re-circulated and the required operating temperature along with cool, clean and moisture free environment can be maintained at all time inside the control panel.  


BODY STRUCTURE: Body structure is made up of CR Sheet of 1.6mm with powder coating of 65 microns dry film thickness which enables not only strength but also rustproof structure. Fasteners used for the purpose of assembly is also nickel & chrome plated. 

COMPRESSOR: Hermitically sealed compressor of Emerson Climate Control Technologies series is used which gives minimum noise along with discharge pressure & suction pressure as per design. Use of Kirloskar Copeland (Emerson) compressor facilitate easy availability of spare, replacement & service back up all over India.

CONDENSER & EVAPORATOR FAN MOTOR: Axial flow fan motor with direct welding by motor and blade, adopt double sided dynamic balance ensures minimum noise, designed Air Flow rate.

REFRIGERANT: Refrigerant R -134a have been used which is Eco-friendly gas ensure protection against global warming.

DIGITAL PROGRAMMABLE TEMPERATURE CONTROLLER:Microprocessor controller with programming through multifunction keys and alphanumeric programmed values in non-volatile memory/Adjustable time delay between starts warranting the minimum time for temperature equilibrium and compressor start- ups.

          This unit controls & monitors the performance of the entire unit & provides diagnostics indication & fault alarms can be programmed to suit the individual operation simplifying the operator’s job to the single touch of the button.

WATER DRAIN PIPE: To remove water/condensate in the panel.


  • VERTICAL DIRECT PANEL MOUNTING:- This Panel Cooler is directly mounted on control panel side view or panel door.
  • HORIZONTAL TOP MOUNTING:-Whenever there is no place to install panel cooler on side view or front door because of PCB card or drive mounted on this side and it is not possible to shift them on the plate . There we offer these model.
  • FLOOR MOUNTING PANEL COOLER:-Where there is no installation place on side view and top side  these model is easily installed near control panel and cold air passed through insulated hose pipe to control panel distance between control panel and panel cooler is limited up to 5 meter.


  • PLC Control Panel, Drives panel, Instrument panel.
  • Sensitive electronic components Control Panel
  • Computer CPUs server Panel
  • Telecom Equipment
  • Robotics


  • All Panel Cooler are fitted with :- 

01)   Hermetically Sealed Compressor. Make: Emerson Climate Technologies.              

02)   Programmable Digital Temperature Controller Display.

with time delay timer, differential temp setting, high and low temp alarm output

03)   Fan Motor-External Rotor Type, ‘H’ Class insulation, ZZ Ball bearing, 2800 RPM

04)   Genuine Electrical Accessories of Emerson.

05)   Approved Refrigerant Charged. (R-134a- Environmentally friendly gas)

06)   Copper alluminium fins condenser and evaporator coil with bullet expansion.

07)   Insullation – Heatlon/Superlon insulation.

08)   M.S. Fabricated Panel in 16 Swg CR Sheet with Powder Coating Paint.

09) Duty cycle- 100%.

10) Input supply: 230 VAC,1 Ph,50 Hz.

11) MCB, Make :-Siemens, Single Pole.10 Amps.

12) Connection Cable: Make – Polycab/Siemens 3 core 2.5 meter

13) Temp range – 22 Deg. C to 50Deg.C

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